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Reusable Plates and Cutlery

Why buy reusable plates and cutlery and what are their benefits as opposed to disposable plastic options? What are different reusable options for multi-use utensils and dishes? Keep reading to find out.

Why buy Reusable Plates and Cutlery?

Reusable plates and cutlery are dishes and utensils that you can use multiple times, in contrast to disposable plates and cutlery that you throw away after a single use. Using reusable options reduce waste and limit the amount of resources required for manufacturing.

If you hesitate whether to buy reusable plates and cutlery you may want to check out the reasons below.

Less plastic waste for the planet

Studies showed that takeaway food and drink litter dominates ocean plastic. Moreover, it’s already known that growth in plastic pollution surpasses mitigation efforts. Think also about the impact of manufacturing of plastic cutlery. Do you want to do something about it?

Stop using plastics

Plastic cutlery is harmful for you health

You probably attended BBQ events more than once where host food was served on plastic plates. Most probably, you used plastic cutlery to eat it. Did you know that heated plastic may harm your health? Moreover, heated plastic could be even toxic. For instance, polystyrene (used in styrofoam) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) has the potential to leak harmful chemicals when heated. These chemicals have negative health effects if ingested or inhaled in large amounts.

While there is also plastic cutlery that can be heated such as “microwave safe” or “dishwasher safe”, it’s best to avoid heating plastic dishes altogether. Especially, when safe alternatives like metal or bamboo cutlery exist.

Wise Shopping

While single-use cutlery is cheaper than reusable one, in the long run, reusable plates and cutlery are more cost-effective. As they can be used multiple times you can save money over time. In addition, reusable options are more durable than disposable ones.


Would you put your meals on plastic plates or use plastic cutlery at home? I guess not, because it’s not comfortable to eat using them. It’s not aesthetic as well. Whereas, there are a lot of designs, colors and sizes of multi-use plates and cutlery to choose from.

You may argue that you won’t take your nice plates to a BBQ, because they would break. Luckily there are metal and other reusable alternatives you’ll find below.

Where to buy Reusable Plates and Cutlery?

There are plenty of online stores where you can buy reusable plates and cutlery. I recommend the top-rated ones below.


Amazon provides various shipping options along with special discounts for Prime members.

Stansport Stainless Steel Camping Plate, 9.25-Inch

Compostable, Biodegradable, Disposable Palm Leaf Plates

100% Compostable 9 Inch Paper Plates

48-Piece Silverware Set with Steak Knives for 8

Stainless Steel Dinner Forks with Round Edge, Pack of 12


Below eBay links provide relevant search results. You can find great deals there as well.

outdoor metal tableware

palm leaf plates

eco cutlery

wooden plates


You can search for reusable plates and cutlery at iHerb as well.

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Environment will thank you

I believe each contribution towards a greener world matters. Make small steps along with millions of others. Accumulated steps will make a difference! Consider also using a home water filter system as an alternative to plastic bottles and reusable water bottles.