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Smartphones with Removable Battery – 2022

In 2022, you can still purchase smartphones with removable battery that can help reduce your environmental impact. Discover such smartphones and where you can buy them below.

Why you almost can’t find smartphones with removable batteries today?

There are several reasons why manufacturers don’t include removable batteries in smartphones. If you ask smartphones manufactures they have their own answers:

  • The removable batteries make the design of the phone more complex and bulky. In addition, non-removable batteries easily integrate into the phone’s design and can make the phone more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Non-removable batteries increases the phone’s durability and longevity.
  • Removable batteries might add thickness and complexity to the phone’s design, making it less sleek and more difficult to manufacture.
  • Removable batteries tend to require additional components such as a battery cover or door, which can add to the cost of the phone.

Smartphone producers forgot to mention one very important point

It is possible that manufacturers see the use of non-removable batteries as a way to encourage consumers to buy new phones more frequently. With a non-removable battery, when the battery life deteriorates, the consumer will have to replace the entire phone instead of just the battery. This can lead to more frequent upgrades and potentially increase revenue for the manufacturer and more spending for the customer. What about more electronic waste for the planet? Have heard about subhuman origins of smartphones?

Why buy smartphones with removable battery?

In short, you’ll reduce your environmental footprint by replacing your phone’s battery instead of buying a new smartphone when needed. This way you’ll contribute less to the global problem of e-waste generation which has increased exponentially in the last 5 years. Have you heard about chip industry’s dirty climate secret? Check out additional reasons why we should buy smartphones with removable battery.

Where to buy smartphones with removable battery?

There are plenty of online stores where you can still buy smartphones with removable battery in 2022. If you prefer buying at retail stores ask for below green models.


Below eBay links provide relevant search results. You can find great deals there as well.

Samsung Galaxy XCover6 Pro Enterprise Ed. 5G Black 128GB Dual-SIM

Samsung Galaxy XCover6 Pro Enterprise is a rugged smartphone with removable battery. It has military-grade durability and is resistant to dust, water and extreme temperatures. In addition, it includes premium features like NFC and barcode scanning. Samsung Galaxy XCover6 Pro Enterprise has a huge 6.3 inch display and a quality 48MP camera with a front 5MP camera. And of course, it has a removable (!) battery of unparalleled capacity.

Gigaset GS5 4GB 128GB

High quality modern smartphone with a replaceable battery. Made in Germany. The company Gigaset was originally a brand of Siemens AG, a German multinational engineering and technology company. The became an independent German company that specializes in the production of telephones and smartphones.

Fairphone 4

5G modern, sustainable and modular smartphone with a replaceable battery. The phone’s body is made from aluminium from ASI certified vendors. Moreover, it has 100% recycled plastic back cover. Fairphone is a Dutch electronic waste neutral company.

Nokia C21 4G 6.5” HD+ Dual SIM 3000 mAh 2/3GB 32GB Android 11 MicroSD (up to 256GB)

Don’t confuse with Nokia C21 Plus which doesn’t have a removable battery.

Samsung Galaxy XCover 5 G525F/DS Black 64GB Exynos850

The Samsung Galaxy XCover 5 is a rugged smartphone developed with an interchangeable battery. It meets military-grade durability standards and thus is resistant to dust, water, and extreme temperatures. The phone has a large 5.3-inch screen and octa-core CPU.

Gigaset GS4 Smartphone Black 64 GB 4 GB RAM Full HD

Another high-quality smartphone with a removable battery. Made in Germany.

Samsung Galaxy Xcover Pro 4G 64GB 4GB RAM Dual-SIM Smartphone

BLU View 2

BLU Studio Mini

Less modern, yet powerful smartphones

You can also opt for less modern smartphones. Yet, they are still powerful enough for modern needs:

Of course, if you don’t use smartphones, old cellular phones have replaceable batteries as well.

Found another phone and doubt whether it has a replaceable battery? Enter and search for a model there. You’ll see in the phone model’s description whether it has a removable battery.

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