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Eco-Friendly Pads for Women

As disposable menstrual pads have significant environmental impact, consider using eco-friendly pads. Read on to discover plastic free and biodegradable pads for a more sustainable solution for your period and daily usage.

What are Eco-Friendly Pads?

While mainstream menstrual pads used by millions of women worldwide are convenient, they are not sustainable. Why? Mostly, because the pads contain plastic and they are not biodegradable. Once disposed of, they may end up in landfills or worse – in the ocean. Then, they can take hundreds of years to decompose. Moreover, the manufacturing process of these pads requires a lot of energy and water, contributing even more to carbon emissions.

Whereas, eco-friendly women liners are made from natural, organic and thus biodegradable materials. For example: bamboo, organic cotton, hemp. Additionally, these materials are safer for your body because they grow without usage of harmful pesticides and chemicals. And of course, sustainable pads don’t contain plastic.

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Pads


As growth in plastic pollution surpasses mitigation efforts, it’s very important for the environment to limit its usage. Using sustainable women pads reduces the amount of plastic waste released to the environment.

Moreover, as eco-friendly pads are often made from natural materials they naturally decompose after disposing. Hence, by using such pads you’ll be able to reduce your environmental footprint even more.

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As environment friendly women pads don’t contain plastic, artificial fragrances and dyes, they reduce the chance of irritation, allergies and even toxic shock syndrome.

Moreover, they don’t contain chlorine, thus reducing possible health side effects even more. We have already seen how bad chlorine can be for your health while exploring eco-friendly dishwasher pods and laundry detergents.


In addition to health benefits, lack of harmful chemicals in eco-friendly period liners makes them more breathable and comfortable to wear.


By using eco-friendly period pads you reduce your carbon footprint. If you use daily liners, by using sustainable ones, you will make a difference even more. In addition, you support sustainable and ethical businesses which prioritized social and environmental responsibility over mere profit.

Top Eco-Friendly Women Pads Brands

There are plenty of online stores where you can buy plastic free pads.


Amazon offers plenty of shipping options along with special discounts for Prime members.

Rael Pads For Women

FLO Period Pads

Cora Organic Pads 

Natracare Pads 

L Cotton Pads

Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Pads

Veeda Natural Liners


You may also search eBay for above or different brands.


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Environment will thank you

I believe each contribution towards a greener world matters. Make small steps along with millions of others. Accumulated steps will make a difference!

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